The EWU Bargaining Team met yesterday (May 17). Today’s session was cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances.

EWU team wrapping up second day of first negotiating session

Our Eastern Washington University Bargaining Team also began negotiations on their next contract Thursday.

Union Membership Equals


Fair pay is a priority for our union.  It is the only way the state will recruit and retain high quality employees needed to ensure efficient and quality public services in Washington.

Public service workers across the country are losing their foothold in the middle class. So says an article in The New York Times this week that serves as a reminder of why labor unions are more needed now than ever.

March 2018

  • Bargaining training took place February 5th and 6th. 
  • Vetting of Proposals took place February 7th and 8th.   
  • We met March 19th to review contract language. 
  • We have sent management ground rules to review. 
  • We will be sending out the bargaining unit survey and update soon.  
  • We have tentative dates for four dates in May, June, July, and August.  Those dates are posted on the website.   


The team is prepared to begin negotiating our 2019-2021 contract. Nominations and elections for EWU bargaining team members concluded last fall, and since then our representative bargaining team has been hard at work:

More on Monday’s Supreme Court hearing

Top quotes from Monday’s US Supreme Court hearing on the Janus case that aims to install inequality at the bargaining table (to negotiate wages to sustain our families) and also in representing state employees’ contract rights in the workplace: