EWU Bargaining Update 8/3/18

The EWU bargaining team completed two days of bargaining on July 31.

We exchanged a number of proposals and came away with four articles where we reached tentative agreement and an MOU regarding HB2669 wherein we will engage in further discussion regarding the new rules regarding part-time employees to amend the current agreement and the 2019-21 agreement if needed.  We have eighteen (18) remaining articles to complete this cycle. 

We shared our draft compensation article, and expanded appendix F, appendix G, and appendix A.  We will be meeting again August 13-14 to work on the remaining articles.  We are scheduled to meet on August 21-24 also.

Please continue to support your EWU Bargaining Team – Barbara Boots, Craig Walker, Davy Sundstrom, Jose Villasano, Lorraine Hill, Nicole Wright, Scott Buck, and Alexandra Cassano.