Labor Advocate Reports

4/16/18 RON HELEY

Open DTB’s continue: Steam Plant Schedule, Recreation and Athletic Specialist 2’s remaining in the bargaining unit, and EWU’s interest in building a greater online presence for several master’s programs. 

We will meet on May 14 to present our latest proposal regarding the Steam Plant Schedule.  Others await a response from EWU.

We also continue to go back and forth on the Paid Sick Leave MOU.  Our hope is to have it wrapped up by the end of May.

4/16/18 RON HELEY

EWU has capitulated to paying overtime to plumbers who take on additional duties testing water on campus.  This was a big win as EWU initially proposed no pay increase for the addition of these duties. 

Additionally we continue to investigate a solution to the issues we have had in the steam plan scheduling.  We continue to weigh the pro’s and con’s as we assemble a counterproposal to the university.

EWU is again attempting to remove members from the bargaining unit based on the addition of supervisory duties.  We are holding steadfast in our negotiations over these matters.

2/19/18 RON HELEY

We still await questions regarding the six DTB’s we met on last month.  A phone conference is scheduled for March 2 to close those loops. The university filed notice to move a member from one bargaining unit to another, due to the addition of supervisory duties.  We will not be filing a DTB on this notice.

12/19/17 Ron Heley

Again, we are waiting for EWU to arrange dates on four outstanding DTB’s and we anticipate scheduling them with February dates.