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TAKE ACTION Email GovernorWe're entering the final weeks of contract negotiations when real raises will be won or lost.

This is it — the most critical period in negotiations focused on pay raises for our next union

John Zeman - WFSE Member, Spokane

I’m from South Dakota. It’s a right to work state. I'd like to share my experience and why I'm #UnionStrong.

The average salary of state workers in South Dakota is close to half to two-thirds of what workers in Washington make. The cost of living there is about the same as Spokane, cheaper than Seattle.

The EWU bargaining team completed two days of bargaining on July 31.

We exchanged a number of proposals and came away with four articles where we reached tentative agreement and an MOU regarding HB2669 wherein we will engage in further discussion regarding the new rules regarding part-time employees to amend the current agreement and the 2019-21 agreement if needed.  We have eighteen (18) remaining articles to complete this cycle. 

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Here's today's quick update from the bargaining team:

"It’s good to have the opportunity to engage with management on such significant issues for our members."

  • Came to tentative agreements (TA) on 8 articles
  • Exchanged about a dozen articles between both parties
  • Negotiations remain cordial
  • Field Rep. Joan visited in the morning to take photos which she shared on

The Eastern Washington University team met with management the last two days, June 11th and 12th.

Management came to the table with fourteen (14) prepared counter proposals.  We discussed and worked through the majority of the proposals. The Eagle Team presented their proposals.  Folks caucused and by the end of the two-day period we came away with six (6) tentative agreements and seven (7) counter proposals. We also have several proposals on the back burner while we work on counters or await information related to legislative

The EWU Bargaining Team met yesterday (May 17). Today’s session was cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances.

• The team presented all articles whether we plan to open, reach tentative agreement (TA), or status quo (no changes):

Article 1: TA
Article 2: TA
Article 3: Union Counter 1
Article 4:
Article 5:
Article 6:
Article 7: TA
Article 8: TA
Article 9: TA
Article 10: TA
Article 11:
Article 12: Mgmt Initial Proposal
Article 13:
Article 14:
Article 15:
Article 16: TA
Article 17: Mgmt Placeholder
Article 18: